Some Doubt the Covid19 Containment Measures on the Generally Healthy Population Made any Difference for Italy


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Boretti A. Some Doubt the Covid19 Containment Measures on the Generally Healthy Population Made any Difference for Italy: Covid19 Fatalities Much Larger in Europe, United States and Canada than elsewhere . Integr J Med Sci [Internet]. 2020Jun.21 [cited 2020Jul.11];7. Available from:


There is a clear indication from the number of fatalities in similar countries that adopted different lockdown strategies, for example, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom or Italy, and others, that the more strict measures applied to the healthy population did not pay. There is also a clear indication that the compartmental model predictions of March were wrong, overrating peak fatalities of more than one order of magnitude. It is an unfortunate circumstance that the mainstream media in the west, as well as the “high impact” peer review, ignore the real-world pattern of Covid19 infection. Here we examine one of the examples of biased literature.


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