Ectopic pregnancies constitute one of the principal complications of pregnancy.  Their clinic is polymorphous with consequences such as infertility and death reliable to late diagnosis. The aim of this study was to determine the state of ectopic pregnancy in our context and to propose concrete actions that will permit a rapid diagnosis so as to ameliorate its management at the regional hospital of Ngaoundéré (RHN). As such, we carried out a descriptive cross-sectional, prospective and retrospective design study going from January 2008 to August 2017 in the gyneco-obstetric unit of the RHN. We had a sample size of 373 cases of ectopic pregnancies within study period. The data analysis was done by the means of the software’s Microsoft office tools and Sphinx Plus² v. A prevalence of 1.21% obtained and the most represented age group was that of 20 to 32 years with a rate of 69.1%. The most incriminated risk factor was a pelvic surgical history. Clinically the most reveal signs and symptoms was a pelvic pain in 96.51%. Tubal rupture was observed in 72.39% of the cases and the treatment of these ectopic pregnancies was possible through radical surgery in 94.10%. No death report due to ectopic pregnancy throughout study period.

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