Treatment of a Case of Subtotal Maxillary Edentulism by Composite Prosthesis


Subtotal Edentulism
Composite Prothesis
Milled Crowns
Removable Prosthesis

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Hatim A, Bennani A, Bellemkhannate S, Elouazzani A. Treatment of a Case of Subtotal Maxillary Edentulism by Composite Prosthesis. Health Sci. [Internet]. 2021 Mar. 4 [cited 2021 Oct. 26];2021. Available from:


In the subtotally edentulous, facing the last remaining teeth, the practitioner may be faced with a dilemma: "Keep or extract". Of course the answer is not always obvious, it must take into consideration several parameters. When the practitioner decides to keep the residual teeth, he can consider, depending on the case, the implant solution, the supra-radicular prosthesis or the composite prosthesis.

In this article we present a case of maxillary subtotal edentulism treated by the composite prosthesis. The choice of this therapy was based on a diagnostic approach leading to the manufacture of temporary prostheses that were re-evaluated over six months, then a definitive prosthesis made according to the rules of art, giving the patient a suitable smile and optimal comfort during mastication.
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