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Tabchi Yosra, Rajae El Haddaoui, Assmae Bahoum, Fatima Zaoui
Anthropological Approach of the Proximal Tooth Area: A Systematic Review
Mohammed Ibrahim Mathar
Evaluation of Chemical Properties of Polymethylmethacrylate in Two Different Media by Using Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy
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Anissa Regragui, Amal Bouziane, Najib Al Idrissi, Faiza Benfdil, Nadia Merzouk
Facial clues and vertical dimension of occlusion: Diagnostic study in a Moroccan population
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Anissa Regragui, Najib Alidrissi, Amal Sefrioui, Faiza Benfdil, Nadia Merzouk
How to Overcome Bone Resorption in Complete Removable Prosthesis?
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Laila Elhajoubi, Meriem Rhissassi, Fatima Zaoui, Loubna Bahije
Orthodontical Management of Secondary Dental Migration Associated with a Reduced Periodontium: A Case Report
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Yasmina Cheikh, Oubbaih Aicha, Baroud Zoubair, Baroud soufiane, Kaoun khadija, Bellemkhannate Samira
Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders among dentists in Casablanca’s Dental Center
Mohammed Ibrahim Mathar, Abdullah Refai Almutairi
Radiographic Assessment of the Quality of Post & Core Restorations Performed by Dental Students at Qassim University Dental Clinics
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Hajar Ben Mohimd, Oulad Lmaroudia , Fatima Zaoui , Loubna Bahije
Retention Practices among Orthodontists in Morocco: A Cross-sectional study
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Sultan Alanazi
Surgical Management of Bilateral Maxillary Buccal Exostosis in a patient with polydactyly and distomolars - A Rare Case Report
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