Mediterranean BioMedical Journals can assist you with the translation of your scientific papers from French into English. The procedure followed consists of two steps or layers in order to guarantee that the English version is fully professional, fully idiomatic, and stylistically pleasing. Our service is based on two-layered checking and control system for translations :

Step 1: Translation of your paper into English by one translator or more.
Step 2: Polishing and finetuning of the translation by native speakers.

If your paper is already written in English but you feel that its formulation requires correction or may not be fully idiomatic, native speakers associated with our proofreading service will turn your text into impeccable English.

Please send your manuscript by email to and place either the term "translate" or the term "proofread" in the heading. A price will be quoted to you within 12 hours after submission of the paper. The price quoted will depend on both your paper's length and its subject matter.

Translating a paper into English will typically be completed in five (10) business days.
Proofreading a paper written in English will usually take three (5) business days.

We offer our authors a very competitive pricing.