Vol 2, No 2 (2015)

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Original Research

Risk Factors For Diabetic Foot In Tetouan, Morocco - A Case-Control Study PDF
Hicham AOUFI, Safouane MOUWAFAQ, A LIKOS, Abderrahmane MAAROUFI 27-31
Paradoxical reactions during Antituberculosis therapy - A single-center prospective analysis PDF
Sanae HAMMI, Naima ZEMED, Khalid BOUTI, Jamal Eddine BOURKADI 32-35
Treatment Results Of Diaphyseal Forearm Fractures With Dynamique Compression Plate A Retrospective study of 156 Cases. PDF
Hassan BOUSSAKRI, Ahmed BOUZIANE OUARITINI, Mohammed SHIMI, Mohammed ELIDRISSI, Abdelhalim ELIBRAHIMI, Abdelmajid ELMRINI 36-39
Tuberculosis of The Parotid Gland in Children A Report of 4 Cases PDF
Rajae BORKI, Khalid BOUTI, Jawad LAHMA, Noureddine BOUADEL, Ilham RKAIN, Sophia NITASSI, Ali EL AYOUBI, Razika BENCHEIKH, Anass BENBOUZID, Leila ESSAKALLI 40-43


Syphilis in Colonial Morocco - The Case of Bousbir PDF
Fouad Laboudi, Jamal Mehssani, Allal Ragoug 44-46

Case Records

Fatal Cardiothyreosis Revealed Through A Status Epilepticus And Resulting In A Therapeutic Impasse A Case Report PDF
Abdelilah Ghannam, Zakaria Ouassou, Jawad Tadili, Ali Kettani, Mamoun Faroudy 47-48

Images In Clinical Medicine

Ashy dermatosis : A case of cinderella PDF
Hasnaa Zaouri, Badreddine Hassam 49

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