« Neglected » Endothoracic Goitres : The Point of View of Thoracic Surgeon



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Lakranbi M, Lamouime F-E- zahrae, Rhaouti M, Harmouchi H, Belliraj L, Ammor F, Ouadnouni Y, Smahi M. « Neglected » Endothoracic Goitres : The Point of View of Thoracic Surgeon. ATD [Internet]. 2020 Sep. 27 [cited 2024 Jul. 24];2020. Available from: https://mbmj.org/index.php/atd/article/view/177


Introduction : Neglected endothoracic goiter is an endothoracic mediastinal portion that was neglected during the surgical removal of a plunging cervical goiter in contrast to autonomous ectopic mediastinal goiter which has its own mediastinal vascularization without connection between the two components and but who was not diagnosed during the cervical thyroidectomy. The aim of this work is to report the point of view of thoracic surgeon to avoid "forgetting" this endothoracic component.
Materiel and methods : This is a retrospective study involving four patients, all operated for an endothoracic goiter only by thoracotomy.
Results : Among four patients, it was 3 women and one men with an average age of 46 years. All Four cases have already been operated for cervical goiter by cervicotomy alone. Also, for all patients, the discovery was accidental. the cervicothoracic scan found a posterior mediastinal heterogeneous mass, with calcification lesions in 2 patients, and necrosis zone in 2 patients. The four patients were operated by posterolateral thoracotomy. Operative outcome was simple in all patients except 2 cases of wound infection.
Conclusion : Neglected endothoracic goiter poses a diagnostic and also a therapeutic problem because its a difficult surgery due to the adhesions already formed following a first cervical thyroid surgery and therefore it is essential not to miss the diagnosis of any diving goiter.



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