La reconstruction sternale : un problème posé lors de la prise en charge des tumeurs du sternum dans les pays à ressources limitées.


Chest wall tumors
Tumor of the sternum
Wall reconstruction
Muscle flap

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Rabiou S, Ousmane KAK, Issoufou I, Ilagouma NF, LAKRANBI M, OUADNOUNI Y, SMAHI M, SANI R. La reconstruction sternale : un problème posé lors de la prise en charge des tumeurs du sternum dans les pays à ressources limitées. . ATD [Internet]. 2022 Nov. 27 [cited 2024 Apr. 17];2022. Available from:


Primary malignant tumors of the sternum are rare, and are difficult to treat due to the anatomical proximity of the mediastinal vascular structures and the limited surgical margins that can be achieved. The wall reconstruction is the most difficult part of the management. Many techniques have been described, ranging from musculo-cutaneous flaps to increasingly sophisticated prostheses. The authors report a case of a primary sternal tumor and the problem posed during wall reconstruction in a context of limited resources.


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