Integrative Journal of Medical Sciences

Current Issue

Vol. 7 (2020)
Published February 19, 2020

Integrative Journal of Medical Sciences (ISSN: 2658-8218), formerly International Journal of Medicine and Surgery (ISSN: 2336-0313), is an international open access peer-reviewed journal, based on continuous publication model, and aims to publish original works of high quality, from MENA region countries, covering all Health Sciences fields.


Anissa Regragui, Najib Alidrissi, Amal Sefrioui, Faiza Benfdil, Nadia Merzouk
How to Overcome Bone Resorption in Complete Removable Prosthesis?
Cihan Zamur, Uğur Topal
Decitabine: A Historical Review of the Development Process of an Epigenetic Drug
Cihan Zamur, Uğur Topal, Harun Özdemir, Serdar Altınay
Stem Cell Concept in Thyroid Cancer: Stem Cell
Tabchi Yosra, Rajae El Haddaoui, Assmae Bahoum, Fatima Zaoui
Anthropological Approach of the Proximal Tooth Area: A Systematic Review
Laura Gomes Lima, Najwa Munir Tayfour, Paula Cristina Oliveira Lemos, Maryanna Freitas Alves, Isadora Mota Ferreira, Eriston Vieira Gomes
Hormone Replacement Therapy: Risks and Benefits


Dr Noura NAJI, Nessrine Akasbi, Khaoula Elkinany , Nihad Siar, Taoufik Harzy
Active Sacroiliitis on MRI, Inflammation Biomarkers, and Clinical Disease Activity: What Relationship Does Link Between the Three, in Non-Radiographic Axial Spondyloarthritis?
Smail Chadli, Hassna Ait Said, Fatima Zahra Fadil, Fatima Benlmeliani, Jamila Sardi, Samira Kharbouch, Nadia Hassaini, Maryem El Bassbassi, Naima Taqarort, Said Oulkheir, Mohamed Aghrouch
Evaluation of the interpretation criteria of Western Blot profiles for the HIV-1 infection diagnosis in a South Moroccan group: Sensitivity, specificity and predictive values of HIV-1 Western Blot method in a South Moroccan group
Anissa Regragui, Amal Bouziane, Najib Al Idrissi, Faiza Benfdil, Nadia Merzouk
Facial clues and vertical dimension of occlusion: Diagnostic study in a Moroccan population
Mohammad AlJumaan, Ahmed Aldajani, Yousef Al Jamaan, Adnan Alawami, Mohammed Alarfaj, Faisal Alkhadra
Effect of Health Information Websites on Healthcare Facility Visits in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia
Hajar Ben Mohimd, Oulad Lmaroudia , Fatima Zaoui , Loubna Bahije
Retention Practices among Orthodontists in Morocco: A Cross-sectional study
Turki Alshammari, Sulaiman Alshammari, Ali Alsaffar, Riyadh Hakami, Mohammed Alali, Samar Alhomoud, Luai Ashari, Alaa Abduljabbar, Mohammed Bazarbashi, Ali Aljurban, Ahmed Alzahrani, Abdullah Alsuhailbani, Hadeel Almanea, Hussa Alhussainin, Nasser Alsanea
The Survival after Laparoscopic Versus Open Curative Excision for Rectal Cancer: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Akanksha Saberwal, Ashutosh Pusalkar, Yogesh Dabholkar
A Study to Estimate the Variations in Management of Malignant Otitis Externa at Two Different Socio-Economic Hospitals: A Clinical Dilemma
Mohammed Ibrahim Mathar, Abdullah Refai Almutairi
Radiographic Assessment of the Quality of Post & Core Restorations Performed by Dental Students at Qassim University Dental Clinics
Mohammed Ibrahim Mathar
Evaluation of Chemical Properties of Polymethylmethacrylate in Two Different Media by Using Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy
Nassima Ighid, Soumaya El Akil, Mohamed Aghrouch, Nadia Hassaini, El Hassan Izaabel
Acute Respiratory Infections Epidemiology and Etiology in Hospitalized Moroccan Children under 15 Years
Antoine Doui-Doumgba, Davy Steve Nzoulouto, Emmanuel Nouganga Diberbekoy, Moïse Service Yanguedet, Annicette Petula Ngboko-Mirotiga, Luc Nghario, Léon Kobangue
Surgical Treatment of Skin Substances Loss: Study of 40 Cases Followed Up at University Hospital of Bangassou in Central African Republic
Haney Alsleem, Hussain Al-Mohiy, Mousa Alsleem, Mohammed Alqahtani, Mohammad Rawashdeh, Rob Davidson, Nadiayah Almohiy, Khalid Hussein, Mohamed Saad, Elhussaien Elshiekh
Evaluation of Radiographers’ Practices with Paediatric Digital Radiography Based on PACS’ Data
Yasmina Cheikh, Oubbaih Aicha, Baroud Zoubair, Baroud soufiane, Kaoun khadija, Bellemkhannate Samira
Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders among dentists in Casablanca’s Dental Center
Cristina Gomes
The Patterns of Explicit and Subtle Racism and Self-reported Color in Health Services
Shilpi Agrawal, Haritosh K. Velankar
Study on Prevalence of Foreign Bodies in ENT
Abhishek Dhawan
The Role and Priming Effect of Pre-Acquired Memories in Abstract Decision-Making
Farid Bourzgui, Samir Diouny, Dounia Kamal, Hakima Aghoutan, Zineb Serhier, Mohamed Bennani Othmani
The Impact of Malocclusions and Orthodontic Treatments on a Patient's Quality of Life
Nihal Gördes Aydoğdu, Zuhal Bahar
Barriers to Early Detection of Breast Cancer Among Women Living in Poverty
Diana Foster
The Diversity Site Assessment Tool (DSAT), Reliability and Validity of the Industry Gold Standard for Establishing Investigator Site Ranking
Nasser Alqahtani, Eisa Ghazwani, Awad Alqahtani, Mohammed Helaly
The Correlation Between the Vitamin D Level and Glycemic Control Status Among Diabetic Patients - A Clinical Observational Study
Intissar El Idrissi, Houda Bouchafra, Fatima Zaoui, Amine Cheikh, Moulay Abbes Faouzi, Loubna Bahije
Assessment of Bisphenol A Release by Orthodontic Aligners : In Vitro Study


Hicham Fenane, Mohcine Ibba, Walid El Hariche, Adil Arsalane, Yacine Msougar
Spontaneous Hemothorax Revealing a Bronchial Carcinoid Tumor
Abderrahim Zaizi, Hicham Benomar, Reda Badaoui, Mohammed Reda Fekhaoui, Talal Grimi, Mustapha Mahfoud, Mohamed S Berrada
Intramuscular myxoma of the thigh: A case report
Ayed A Alshahrani, Mohaned Saeed Argan, Waleed Ali A Alqahtani, Majed Abdullah M Al Hoban, Jaya Shanker Tedla, Irshad Ahmed
The Management of Massive Tibial Bone Defect Using Unifocal Bone Transport with Ilizarov Apparatus: A case study
Laila Elhajoubi, Meriem Rhissassi, Fatima Zaoui, Loubna Bahije
Orthodontical Management of Secondary Dental Migration Associated with a Reduced Periodontium: A Case Report
Sultan Alanazi
Surgical Management of Bilateral Maxillary Buccal Exostosis in a patient with polydactyly and distomolars - A Rare Case Report
Amine Benjelloun, Ikram Samri, Hicham Janah, Salah Belassri , Rachid Benchanna, Adil Arsalane, Abdelfattah Zidane
Non Surgical Desmoid Tumor with Pulmonary and Scapular Localization: A Case Report
Mohamed Mouzouri, Adil Eabdenbitsen, Azeddine Lachkar, Mohamed Rachid Ghailan
Laryngeal Amyloidosis: A Case Report
Umesh Yadav, Abhishek Garg, Ashish Devgan, Ajay Sheoran, Mayank Dutta, Ayush Gupta, Abhishek Singh, Mudit Nemani
A Rare Case Report of Pedunculated Fibrolipoma in Thigh with Review of Literature
Afafe Taouili, Yasmina Cheikh, Samira Bellemkhannate
Bar Attachement Retained Mandibular Complete Denture: A Case Report
Illya Pinsk, Igor Diomin, Daniel Benharroch, Anton Osyntsov, Elad Leron
Late Post-Hysterectomy Colovaginal Fistula with Extensive Diverticular Disease
Yousra El Boussaadni, Kaoutar Ettoini, Mohamed Aggouri, Abdellah Oulmaati
A Rare Cause of Diabetes Insipidus in Children: Langerhansian Histiocytosis
Afaf Houb-dine, Anissa Regragui, Asmaa Benkaddour, Asmaa Bahoum, Fatima Zaoui
Pre-prosthetic Orthodontic Implant for an Aesthetic Rehabilitation : A Case Report
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