Giant Mucinous Ovarian Cystadenoma - A Case Report


Mucinous Cystadenoma - Ovarian Neoplasia - Laparotomy

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Franco Netto ROR, Barrientos JA Álvarez, Franco Netto J de AR, Da Silva Jr GD, Moura EG. Giant Mucinous Ovarian Cystadenoma - A Case Report. Integr J Med Sci [Internet]. 2019Sep.28 [cited 2020Dec.4];6. Available from:


Mucinous ovarian cystadenoma is a benign tumor, which accounts for 15% of all ovarian tumors and, when diagnosed, 80% are benign, 10% limitrophe and 10% malignant. It is a cyst that arises from the ovary surface epithelium, presenting multilocular feature with plain surface. It is more common between 30- and 50-years old persons and clinical signs differ from other ovarian pathologies because they present rapid growth, reach large dimensions and evolve with peritoneal pseudomyxoma, causing a significant increase in abdominal volume. Imaging methods such as ultrasonography and computed tomography, as well as the tumor markers CA-125 and CEA, are fundamental for its elucidation and therapeutic planning. We report a case of giant mucinous cystadenoma of the left ovary in a 61-year-old patient admitted to the emergency room.
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