Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Mental Health of Healthcare Workers in India: A Questionnaire Based Study



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Sahoo A, Behera S. Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Mental Health of Healthcare Workers in India: A Questionnaire Based Study. Integr J Med Sci [Internet]. 2020Sep.8 [cited 2020Oct.27];7. Available from:


Introduction: Healthcare workers across the globe are working tirelessly to keep the severity under control. The long working hours wearing PPE, the self-quarantine periods, staying away from family, and various other factors does influence the mental wellbeing of an individual. In a country like India mental health is still a poorly recognised issue even among healthcare professionals. Objectives: To assess the stress, anxiety and depression among healthcare professionals at the time of Coronavirus pandemic and estimating the same in Anaesthesiology Cohort.
Material & Methods: The study was conducted using a self-reporting questionnaire. The questionnaire was made using Google forms and the link for participation was sent using various digital mediums e.g., email, WhatsApp, Facebook. The questionnaire was sent to a total of 886 doctors and there was a total of 256 responses were received. The questionnaire was submitted anonymously and no personal data was collected. The respondents were allowed to submit only once to prevent duplicity of response. We used the DASS 21 scale as the assessment tool. Data was collected using google forms and the collected data was transferred to a Microsoft Excel sheet for analysis.
Results: Our study on 256 doctors 40.75% doctors were found to be suffering from Depression, 38.29% from anxiety & 32.4% from stress in the current pandemic situation. Anaesthesiologists were found to have 30.29% depression; Anxiety was found among 42.56% and stress was found among 37.24%.
Conclusion: Stressors, like gruelling shifts, risk of infections, non-availability of protective kits, health risk to family and friends etc, are many and respite seems to be far. We need to address and acknowledge the mental health of healthcare workers and people working in critical care into consideration and find solutions to the underlying causes so that the current and future of the healthcare can be saved from mental health crisis.
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