Facial Erysipelas: A Case Report


Facial erythema
β-hemolytic streptococci


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Hallab L, Taleb B. Facial Erysipelas: A Case Report. Integr J Med Sci [Internet]. 2020 Dec. 21 [cited 2024 Jun. 15];8. Available from: https://mbmj.org/index.php/ijms/article/view/315


Erysipelas is a superficial cutaneous process that is usually restricted to the dermis, but with prominent lymphatic involvement commonly caused by streptococci. We present a patient who was admitted for swelling and erythema of his left cheek. We diagnosed facial erysipelas, the curative treatment was based on the prescription of effective antibiotic therapy against streptococci and bacteria producing β-lactamase (staphylococci). Removal of the remaining teeth was scheduled during medical treatment. At a 4-month follow-up after dental removal, there has been no recurrence of erysipelas.
Through a clinical case of facial erysipelas, this work allows illustrating the specificities of this pathology.



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