Three Weekly Irinotecan and Bolus 5-Fluorouracil Combination in the First Line Treatment of Advanced Gastric Cancer - A Single Institution Experience


Advanced gastric cancer
Bolus 5-FU
First line treatment


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Mesmoudi M, Mahfoud T, Ahid S, Ismaili N, Boutayeb S, Errihani H. Three Weekly Irinotecan and Bolus 5-Fluorouracil Combination in the First Line Treatment of Advanced Gastric Cancer - A Single Institution Experience. Integr J Med Sci [Internet]. 2016 Jan. 30 [cited 2024 Jul. 24];3:18-21. Available from:


Background: This study aims to determine the efficacy and toxicity of a non-platinum-based chemotherapy combination using irinotecan associated with bolus 5-FU as first-line treatment in advanced gastric cancer. 
Materiel and methods: 
Retrospective analysis of a population of patients treated for metastatic and locally advanced gastric cancer with irinotecan and 5-FU as upfront chemotherapy. 
Thirteen patients were enrolled. The median age was 56 years. Seven patients were males and six were females. Ten patients had metastatic disease and three patients had locally advanced disease. Patients received a total number of 43 cycles of chemotherapy. The overall response rate was 38,4%, the median time to progression (TTP) was 3 months, and the median overall survival was 4 months. Three patients (23,1%) presented grade 3 /4 neutropenia complicated with an infectious episode with fever in two cases, three patients (23,1%) required blood transfusion for a grade 4 anemia, and one patient (7,6%) was hospitalized for a severe episode of diarrhea. 
Conclusion: Three weekly irinotecan and bolus 5-FU is an interesting combination as first-line treatment of advanced gastric cancer; designed clinical trials are needed to confirm the activity of this combination.


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