A Chronic Psychogenic Vomiting Case of Dramatic Response to Escitalopram



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Ozturk O, Selcuk MY. A Chronic Psychogenic Vomiting Case of Dramatic Response to Escitalopram. Integr J Med Sci [Internet]. 2016Jan.30 [cited 2020Oct.27];3(1):29-0. Available from: https://mbmj.org/index.php/ijms/article/view/38


This case report describes the treatment of an interesting patient with vomiting for years. The patient admitted to the family health center with chronic vomiting and weight loss. Her physical examination was unremarkable. The complaint of patient in who organic pathogen were excluded by biochemical and radiological examinations was evaluated psychologically; her complaints were ended following the initiation of escitalopram therapy unlike previous treatment. In this report, we represent a specific patient for the escitalopram treatment and thanks to this, it contributes a unique sample to the literature about escitalopram usage in the treatment of chronic vomiting.



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