COVID-19 related Psychotic Disorder: Symptomatology in Infected and Uninfected Patients


Psychotic Disorder


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Mohan AM, Lahiri DM. COVID-19 related Psychotic Disorder: Symptomatology in Infected and Uninfected Patients. Integr J Med Sci [Internet]. 2021 Sep. 24 [cited 2024 Jun. 15];8. Available from:


Introduction: Psychotic disorder has been rarely reported in patients with COVID-19 infection and also in patients affected by the pandemic but who do not have COVID-19 infection. It is unclear if the disorder occurs due to the stress of the pandemic or is due to a cerebral infection of the virus.
Methods: on PubMed we searched for all reports of patients who developed a new psychosis during the COVID-19 pandemic to review their symptomatology.
Results: Psychotic symptoms were similar in onset, description, duration and severity in patients who had been infected and those who were affected by the pandemic but did not have the infection. In both groups, most patients were young, without previous psychiatric history, had experienced severe external stress due to the pandemic, had an abrupt onset of symptoms, had severe hallucinations and delusions and needed psychiatric hospitalization. The disorder commonly lasted about a week, after which anti-psychotic medications could be stopped.
Conclusion: External psychological stress and not cerebral COVID-19 infection is the likely cause of psychotic disorder in both infected and uninfected patients.


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