Music, Arts and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to Treat Sleep Disorders


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


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Mastnak W. Music, Arts and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to Treat Sleep Disorders. Integr J Med Sci [Internet]. 2022 Jan. 19 [cited 2023 Dec. 10];9. Available from:


Insomnia is a global burden. Cognitive-behavioural therapy models for treating pathological sleeplessness have significant effect sizes, hence the common recommendation of CBT-I. Akin to this approach, the present article presents a novel model which relates to the broader spectrum of sleep disorders and involves music-and arts specific health benefits such as (i) vocal rituals as soothing sleep cues and means to make irritating cognitions fade, (ii) control of sleepiness and inappropriate daytime naps through music-based martial arts techniques, (iii) voice-and movement-based relaxation and psychosomatic re-balancing, as well as profound music immersion and music-induced altered states of consciousness, (iv) arts-based psychotherapy to cope with pathological factors, such as nightmare objects and (v) psychoeducation to understand the benefits of the arts for healthy sleep. Cultural features of sleep habits, differences between face-to face and online practices, individualized arts-based CBT, and the multidimensional healing power of the arts are discussed and encourage further research to optimize personalized and standardized arts-based cognitive behavioural therapy in sleep medicine and public health.


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