Non Surgical Desmoid Tumor with Pulmonary and Scapular Localization: A Case Report


Desmoid tumor
Pulmonary localization
Scapular localization

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Benjelloun A, Samri I, Janah H, Belassri S, Benchanna R, Arsalane A, Zidane A. Non Surgical Desmoid Tumor with Pulmonary and Scapular Localization: A Case Report. Integr J Med Sci [Internet]. 2020Jul.23 [cited 2021Jan.19];7. Available from:


Background : Desmoid tumors are rare  and represent 0.03% of all solid tumors. Their histology is benign but they are willingly aggressive with significant locoregional invasions and frequent recurrences.
Case presentation : We report the case of a 52-year-old patient who presented with a  scapular and pulmonary localization of this tumor, but stable over time. In view of potentially decaying surgery and stability of the lesions, simple monitoring was decided. The lesions are currently stable, two years after diagnosis. We discuss the clinical, radiological and therapeutic characteristics of this type of tumor, in the light of data from the literature.
Conclusion : Desmoid tumors are rare, benign but agressive. Surgery is the main treatment but is often decaying. Simple monitoring can be scheduled in case of less agressive tumors.


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