Cor Triatriatum Sinister in a 25 Year Old Patient - A Case Report


Cor triatriatum sinister
Congenital cardiac anomaly
Older age

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Nagare K, Aironi B, Kotkar N, Joshi A, Jadhav U. Cor Triatriatum Sinister in a 25 Year Old Patient - A Case Report. Health Sci. [Internet]. 2020 Oct. 4 [cited 2022 May 16];. Available from:


Cor triatriatum sinister is a rare congenital cardiac anomaly in which a fibromuscular membrane divides the left atria into 2 chambers. It is even rarer when present at an adult age. Symptoms and presentation of the patient depend on the size of the opening into the membrane through which 2 chambers of the left atrium communicate with each other. Cor triatriatum sinister rarely remains asymptomatic till adulthood. In adults symptoms of Cor triatriatum sinister mimic the symptoms of mitral stenosis. Corrective surgery is the choice of treatment, but when it presents as an emergency case, especially at an early age, balloon dilatation of the membrane opening is done. Elective balloon dilatation of membrane opening at an early age diagnosed with Cor triatriatum sinister followed by corrective surgery at an adult age can be a safer option compared to direct corrective surgery at an early age.  We present a case of a 25-year-old female who was diagnosed first time at this age as cor triatriatum sinister and treated successfully with corrective surgery.


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