Prevalence of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Khartoum State-Sudan


Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
Sudanese Patients
Khartoum State

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Muawyia W, Satti AB, Allseed BAA, Al-Toom THK, Seleman Mohammed NM. Prevalence of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Khartoum State-Sudan. Health Sci. [Internet]. 2021 Mar. 1 [cited 2022 May 16];. Available from:


 Cutaneous leishmaniasis is the known form of leishmaniasis affecting humans. It is a skin infection caused by the protozoan parasite Leishmania from animals to humans by the bite of a vector phlebotomine sandfly. About 21 species cause leishmaniasis depending on geographical distribution and host immunity. Populations of northern areas of Sudan are commonly affected by the disease.


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