How to Overcome Bone Resorption in Complete Removable Prosthesis?


Bone resorption
Complete toothlessness
Removable prosthesis


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Regragui A, Alidrissi N, Sefrioui A, Benfdil F, Merzouk N. How to Overcome Bone Resorption in Complete Removable Prosthesis?. Integr J Med Sci [Internet]. 2020 May 2 [cited 2024 Jul. 24];7. Available from:


The existence of alveolar processes and the integrity of the maxillae outside of a specific pathological process are linked to the presence of teeth. The aging process is most often accompanied, at the buccal level, by a narrowing of the prosthetic corridor in relation to the importance of bone resorption and the invasion of peripheral elements. Thus, we are and will be confronted more and more with complete edentulous patients, presenting very strong resorption of the alveolar processes, even of the osseous bases, which will increase proportionally the difficulties of obtaining a good retention and good stability of the prostheses.
Our work aims to review the various means available to us to prevent bone resorption, throughout the stages of prosthetic and post-prosthetic realization.


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