Analysis of the Charles De Gaulle Aircraft Carrier Covid19 Epidemic: Infectivity and Fatality in the Young, Healthy, Active Population


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Boretti A. Analysis of the Charles De Gaulle Aircraft Carrier Covid19 Epidemic: Infectivity and Fatality in the Young, Healthy, Active Population : Lesson from the Charles de Gaulle Aircraft Carrier Covid19 Experience . Integr J Med Sci [Internet]. 2020Aug.3 [cited 2020Oct.29];7. Available from:


The case of the Charles De Gaulle aircraft carrier Covid19 outbreak indicates those young, healthy and active, apart from very few exceptions, do not get infected even if challenged, or are only very mild or asymptomatic if infected. As per April 20, 2020, of almost 2,000 people challenged, 1,081 got infected. Of the 1,081, only 24 ended up in a hospital. Of the 24, only 1 was reported in need of intensive care. As per April 29, 2020, only 5 were still in the hospital, and 1 in intensive care. As per May 4, 2020, there were only 2 still in the hospital, 1 of them in need of intensive care.  On May 11, 2020, only the 1 previously in intensive care was still hospitalized but out of intensive care. Thus, infectivity and fatality are much lower than thought for the young, healthy, active population


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