Rehabilitation of a Patient with Partial Maxillectomy: A Case Report


Prosthodontic Rehabilitation
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Ouaalla M, El Assraoui K, Zeroual R, Bellemkhannate S. Rehabilitation of a Patient with Partial Maxillectomy: A Case Report. Integr J Med Sci [Internet]. 2021 Dec. 14 [cited 2022 Jun. 30];9. Available from:


The loss of maxillary bone is accompanied by serious functional, aesthetic, psychological, and social problems. The maxillofacial obturator prosthesis remains a therapeutic tool that improves aesthetics and restores the various functions of chewing, swallowing, and phonation.
A tight collaboration between the maxillo-facial surgeon and the dentist is essential to obtain an optimal prosthesis both functionally and aesthetically, thus allowing a socio-professional reintegration of the patient.
The rehabilitation of a maxillary defect and the partially edentulous patient goes through three stages. First, an immediate obturator prosthesis is realized, then the secondary obturator prosthesis accompanies the healing process, and finally, the definitive obturator prosthesis.
This paper describes a clinical report of different steps to fabricate a partial denture with an obturator in a partially edentulous patient with a maxillary defect


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