Bar Attachement Retained Mandibular Complete Denture: A Case Report


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Taouili A, Cheikh Y, Bellemkhannate S. Bar Attachement Retained Mandibular Complete Denture: A Case Report. Integr J Med Sci [Internet]. 2020Oct.4 [cited 2020Oct.25];7. Available from:


The mandibular complete denture is a challenge for the dentist. Unfavorable anatomical and physiological conditions such low bearing surface and a significant bone resorption, often compromise the prosthetic retention.
The exploitation of root stumps is a reliable alternative that leads to a better prosthetic integration by increasing the retention, if the total prosthesis is connected to these root stumps via axial ball or bar attachments.
In addition, this prosthetic alternative considerably improves the patient's comfort and masticatory coefficient and favors the preservation of the bone capital, provided that the requirements of root preservation as well as clinical and laboratory techniques are respected.
We would like to illustrate this by presenting a clinical case in which we used the connecting bar in the mandibular arch.
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