Retention Practices among Orthodontists in Morocco


Removable retainer
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Ben Mohimd H, Lmaroudia O, Zaoui F, Bahije L. Retention Practices among Orthodontists in Morocco: A Cross-sectional study. Integr J Med Sci [Internet]. 2020Jul.8 [cited 2020Oct.21];7. Available from:


Introduction: Retention is the orthodontic treatment phase which ensures that the teeth are maintained in their corrected positions. There are currently various protocols of retention commonly adopted by orthodontists. The objective of this study is to evaluate the retention procedures which are used by the orthodontists in the private practice.
Materials and methods: This was a cross-sectional descriptive analytical study which targeted orthodontists in the city of Rabat- Morocco. 67 questionnaires were distribute to the orthodontists of private practice. The questionnaire was organized into seven sections representing specific information about socio-demographic status of the respondents, selection of a retention system, details of commonly used fixed and removable retainers, the duration of the retention period, and follow up appointements ,instructions for patients, finally the clinical problems encountered during the retainer period. 
Results:  All orthodontists participating in the survey confirmed the indispensable use of orthodontic retainer after active treatment. Fixed retainer was the preferred choice of the majority of our orthodontists in the mandibular arch for the different clinical situations whereas at the maxillary arch, more than 30% of orthodontists use both types of retainer (fixed and removable). 62.5% of orthodontists choose vaccum-formed retainer as removable retainer. For fixed retainer, the bonded canine to canine was most preferred by the majority of orthodontists in the upper and lower arches. 50% of orthodontists recommend lifetime orthodontic retainer with follow-up appointments of 2 to 3 times / year. 
Conclusions: This survey provides an overview of orthodontic retention procedures adopted by orthodontists in the region. A multitude of responses let us to conclude that guidelines are desired to find a common protocol.


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