Ethnic Dental Biprotrusion: A Clinical Case


Anterior open bite
Inter-dental diastema
Lingual dysfunction
Orthodontic treatment


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Dahoue RT, Benkaddour A, Zaoui F, Houb-Dine A, Bahije L. Ethnic Dental Biprotrusion: A Clinical Case. Integr J Med Sci [Internet]. 2022 Jan. 1 [cited 2024 Jul. 24];9. Available from:


The dental biprotrusion characteristic of certain ethnic groups raises the question of treatment or abstinence. In many situations, it is accompanied by an open bite concerning the lingual volume or lingual support during pronunciation. The therapeutic solution must be considered and individualized. This article describes an anterior open edge of functional origin orthodontic treatment in a 23-year-old adult patient embarrassed by the cosmetic defect.


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